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  • Detox quickly detoxifies the skin
  • Antibacterial treatment of inflammation.
  • Supports the skin to absorb maximum nutrients.
  • Thorough treatment of stubborn acne.

Japan Narita Hospital Research Institute allowed GLOBAL LINK ASIA CONSULTING to sell caramel essence exclusively

Don't worry about buying a counterfeit product as it has a complete identification sign from the company

Persistent acne, difficult to handle why?

Skin care not in the right way

Factors such as chemicals, hormone enhancers, and endocrine disruptors cause acne.

Use unsuitable products for skin

Can not find the root treatment method

Low cost treatment does not guarantee quality.

Lack of knowledge about prevention and remedy acne

Serum Caramel Essence - Solutions to Enjoy Your Skin

In August 2019, GLOBAL LINK ASIA CONSULTING registered for exclusive sale of Caramel Essence in Vietnam!

  • This product is a regenerative essence suitable for all skin types, treating all skin problems without itching, exfoliation and allergies.
  • Essences help treat inflammation, dryness, and effective collection of acne.
  • A product for tightening, whitening and treating dark spots left by acne.
  • This product helps with cream mixing, detoxification, and healing of damaged skin caused by coticoid-infected skin.

This precious Japanese medicine removes darkened, rough and dead skin from the surface of the skin, but has a mild acidity that does not remove the outer skin layer, helping to clear pore clogging and reduce clogging. Acne bran. In addition, mushrooms have abundant vitamins and minerals that control and limit the growth of melanin, while at the same time providing active ingredients that nourish the skin. In Ganoderma lucidum, SOD is a powerful anti-aging enzyme that facilitates the recovery of sun-damaged genes. The most effective acne treatment products for the skin include all the great features contained in one ingredient.

What role does Ganoderma lucidum extract play in acne products?

Ingredient Serum Caramel Essence

Ganoderma extract: Considered as a valuable medicinal ingredient in the beauty work, especially to help healthy skin from deep inside cells and prevent acne from returning.

Black Sugar Essence +: A new generation of black sugar, combined with six other important ingredients, quickly treats acne and quickly detoxifies the skin.

Use twice a day in the morning and evening, and after use, use a lot of cream to smooth and elasticize the skin.

User Manual

Step 2: Take about 2-3 drops of caramel acne essence, apply evenly to face and tap with your fingertips to absorb the essence into your skin.

Step 1: Clean the skin

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